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Silent, moderate majority – both religious and secular – must be silent no more

Tony BayfieldRabbi Tony Bayfield head of the Movement for Reform Judaism has written in a letter of support for charity Tolerance International UK that “the only salvation [from religious extemism] is for the silent majority, both religious and secular, to cease to be silent and for the moderates to demonstrate that moderation is not the same as acquiescence. ” Continue reading


Arabs urge government to stop focussing on religious identities

Dr Ismail JaliliThe National Association of British Arabs (NABA) has strongly condemned the attack on Glasgow Airport and the car bombs found in London at the weekend – stressing that secular opinion as well as that of Muslims, Christians and others must be taken into account in seeking to move beyond war and terror.

Dr Ismail Jalili (pictured), who is chair of the National Association of British Arabs and past president of the British Arab Medical Association and the Iraqi Medical Association – UK,said: “We welcome Gordon Brown’s acceptance that there must be an approach to ‘hearts and minds’ but this can only be achieved by Britain resuming its important role on the world stage as a mediator for good. We urge him to address the international issues behind terrorism.”

He went on: “We also urge [the Prime Minister] and the media to review the wisdom of previous government policy which has focused on faith to the determent of secular organisations. This focus has detracted and diverted potential gains that could have been made into persuading and empowering disillusioned youth to participate via the British democratic framework.”

Hat tip: Ekklesia