Faith No More? by Hamish MacPherson (2007)

Hamish MacPherson looks at inter-faith dialogue and calls for non-religious groups to be included.

Creative Controversy: Overcoming Antagonistic Atheism to Recast the Image of Humanism by Jeff Nall (2006)

“Humanists need more than good ideas and great intellect to compete with the behemoth of the religious right for the interest and attention of the American public. With the exception of money, what the Humanist movement needs more than anything is a positive, uplifting message and as much good public relations as can be engendered. The last thing the movement needs is more bad publicity, which it unfortunately never ceases to elicit.”

Love Thine Enemy by Dave Belden (2004)

Not long ago, humanists could feel that theirs was the way of the future. But now, Dave Belden argues, we will need to relearn how to make common cause with religious progressives.