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True story of A Sikh-atheist mariage

Holding handsTaken from, this is a personal account of what Ruba experienced as a British Sikh 19 yr old girl falling for a British, white atheist lad. Please forgive my ‘bullet form’ style account, but I still find it difficult talking about what happened. Apologies if you find it difficult to follow but I found it to be the easiest and briefest way to record my story.

The sikh upbringing: life pretty much planned out. School, then college.. then uni… then a job.. then an arranged marriage.. then children.. then a house… then looking after the inlaws. “It’s the way us Indians do things.. god will reward you for doing the right thing.”

Uni- met someone.. needed affection- hadn’t realised how unhappy I was until we connected so strongly.

Lived for the moment.. never considered the long term effect or possibilities… our love grew stronger without even realising it…

Fell pregnant… emotional turmoil Continue reading