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Gallup survey finds religiosity highly correlated to poverty

Gallup survey finds religiosity highly correlated to poverty


Study shows religious freedom for others benefits us all

The Hudson Institute recently released the initial findings of the Center’s forthcoming book, Religious Freedom in the World 2007. This survey describes and analyzes 100 countries, especially those where religious freedom is most violated. It ranks them comparatively, includes scores and charts of freedom, details world trends, correlates religious freedom with measures of economic freedom, social wellbeing, civil liberties, and political rights, and features essays by experts explaining relevant issues. Continue reading

O Project article calls for non-religious to be included in ‘inter-faith’ dialogue

I have an article published in Catalyst today – “Faith no More?” – looking at inter-faith dialogue and calling for non-religious groups to be included. 

Faith No More?

Catalyst is a magazine at the forefront of new thinking on race relations and racial equality today, both in Britain and abroad.

Humanists sidelined from religious education discussions

Union flagMid Sussex humanists have been sidelined from discussions on how religious education is taught in local schools.

The West Sussex Standing Advisory Committee for Religious Education (SACRE) rejected an application by Mid Sussex resident Andrew Edmondson to join the committee to represent non-religious parents and residents, and promote the inclusion in RE of secular philosophies such as Humanism, which government advice recommends should be taught to make the subject inclusive of all children.

Representatives of the Church of England and teachers supported Mr Edmondson joining the committee. But representatives of the local authority and minority religions including Baptists, Baha’is, Roman Catholics and Quakers voted against. Read article here.