Foreign influences behind religious troublemakers

Buddhist monksThe recent tumoil in Myanmar caused by hardcore religionists witnessed across the world has been revealed to have originated from forces outside the country.

Thousands of fundamentalist Buddhists have taken to the street, flouting the law, in attempt to disrupt the lives of ordinary Myanmar citizens, offering another example of the unwavering distructive powers of religion.

An offical Myanmar spokesperson explained that “a group of people – with ill-intentions – inside and outside the country, who are committing destructive acts, have continuously been instigating the people politically in recent days”.

“This is happening because a group of internal and external destructive elements – who are envious of Myanmar that is peaceful, tranquil, and developing – are planning and creating the above-mentioned situation to destroy every government effort by various means”.

“The current protest marches on the streets that are taking place in the country are systematically planned and executed from abroad”.

“…The number of monks on the streets seems large as they have gathered in one place. Actually, they represent not even 2% of the total monk population. The majority – more than 98% – of the monks want to nicely carry on with their religious activities. The things that they (destructive elements) want to do, they do it through the young monks by instructing them through foreign news media”.

“The worst thing is that they (young monks) have refused to listen to the senior monks who have been teaching and feeding them, providing accommodation to them, and living with them for years. They have been totally listening to the internal and external destructive elements, the BBC, the VOA, the RFA (Radio Free Asia), and the DVB (Democratic Voice of Burma) whom they have never seen before nor benefited from them”.

“Although the destructive elements are saying that the fuel and commodity prices are high and people are facing hardship, an increase in the fuel price may cause a small temporary hardship to the people, but it could not have created a severe hardship”.

Too tolerant of religion?

The disruption caused by these religious fundamentalists suggest the government has been too tolerant of religious freedoms. As of 2005 Buddhist doctrine remained part of the state-mandated curriculum in all elementary schools and all students were required to recite a Buddhist prayer daily.

But in 2007 the US’s International Religious Freedom report outlined the methods already being employed by the state that may need to be extended in order to preserve order and squash the danger influence of the monks: “the government continued to infiltrate and monitor activities of virtually all organizations, including religious ones…Christians and non-Buddhist groups were said to have faced restrictions and anti-Muslim violence continued.”


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