Spirituality for atheists

PsychologiesJulian Baggini write in Psychologies magazine that “you don’t need to be religious to lead a spiritiual existence. Instead of prayers, deities and the afterlife, think morality, beauty and meaning.” Interesting to see him  contributing to what I had always written off as a load of ‘dime-store’ bad science but perhaps such an audience needs a dose of reason more than most.

It’s  a simple but effective counter to the assumption that without religion you are left with a cold dead materialistic existence. He concludes “Personally, I’d like to banish the word ‘spiritual’. It misleads us into thinking that we need more than the world w elive in as physical, oprganic beings. What we thik of as ‘spiritual’ is simplythose things – love, morality, values and meaning – that make us creatures with rich iner lives. Many of us let go of religion, bu hold on to the vaguer notion of spirituality as a security blanket. It’s time we realised that traditional religion is far from the only source of meaning, values, and a sense of the transcendant.”

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4 responses to “Spirituality for atheists

  1. An athiest can not understand the spirituality. As he is always after the materialistic aspects. Such people are inwardly coward, but outside they show pose as big meters specially “I AM BIG METERS”. As spirituality lies in accepting the things the way they are including the humans and other way of life, and pomotes harmony by way of better understanding and love and affection towards each other, irrespective of customs and religious practices.

    Most of the casses those who practice all side methods to come upto the top behave like this. There are so many examples for this. The moment they occupy the most coveted chair start discrimenate other by the way of race, religion, region, cast, subsects etc, almost they start bulldozzing others. They feel most insecurity in life after chasing and racing for positions or money or power.

    But a spiritual person never say any thing against the religions, regions, races, cast or sbsects etc. They live with principles and their name stays on this for ever.

  2. But if you read Baginni’s article you will see that an atheist can appreciate far more than just ‘material things’. I’d personally be happy to call that a spirituality of sorts – it’s a convenient shorthand (and doesn’t have to mean a belief in spirits or the supernatural).

    Promoting harmony and love for each other is something (thankfully) found in people of all religions and beliefs – including atheists and humanists.

  3. Dear oproject,

    Spirituality does not mean that one has to deal with spirits, by dealing with spirits or consuming spirit one does not become spiritual. To my knowledge spirituality is an inborn quality, it comes by birth, and groomed by the way they develop from child hood, and the impressions they get with their growing.

    For your kind information an atheist always looks for his selfishness.
    Where as a spiritual person looks into others and helps them to live and does not expect any thing in return. I once again repeat that spirituality has nothing to deal with supernatural. It deals only with those who realized what they are in this materialistic world.
    You may be knowing that we all need some basic materials for our survival, like food, cloths for protection and some shelter to rest. Then something that helps in continuing the life after us.
    Since only humans have the thinking brain, and also thinks he is brainy. This sort ego creates all the problems. That makes us to compare to each other and makes us creedy, greedy and what not. When this comparison comes into the mind he no becomes a human. Some times surrounding environment what I mean other humans may influence his/her’s mind to have more and more materialistic aspects, because of the degree of comparison makes their mind crazy. This phenomenon can also be seen in those who think they are highly educated, the way their degrees go up their temper also goes to worst. Where is spirituality, it doesn’t mean that one to do daily his prayers to acquire spirituality. Even this degree of comparison is there among the so-called spiritual leaders among themselves, then where is this spirituality.

  4. “..an atheist always looks for his selfishness.”

    Sorry, that’s simply not true. Throughout history people with no religious belief have worked for the betterment of their fellow humans. There’s a few high profle examples here:

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