The inspirational foxhole atheist

Matthew ChapmanMatthew Chapman writes in the Huffington Post about Pat Tillman, the professional American football player who gave up a lucrative sporting career to join the army andf fight in Iraq” “When Tillman went to war, he knew he was alone and finite. When he contemplated the possibility of getting killed, he did not see angels and fluffy clouds beyond that moment, but utter darkness. He required no guarantees of ultimate survival before he jumped in. In fact, according to credible reports, the very last words he spoke were to a nearby soldier who was lying on the ground crying out to God for help. “Would you shut your (expletive) mouth?” yelled Tillman. “God’s not going to help you. You need to do something for yourself, you sniveling…”

Patrick TillmanWith his comic-book good looks and dialogue to match, perhaps Tillman can provide a role model for young atheists. A real hero with real courage, he not only refutes forever the lie that there are no atheists in foxholes, but more than that provides an opening for a far more radical thought: atheism, in and of itself, is courageous, and faith, in and of itself, is cowardly.”

3 responses to “The inspirational foxhole atheist

  1. SPC Tillman was a man of great integrity and courage. He is a testament to the sense of patriotism and duty that non-believers supposedly aren’t supposed to embody. Theists would like to believe that freethinkers are unethical monsters but, truth be told, they are the ones who are morally bereft.

    Tillman will be resting in peace… in the memories of those who knew, loved and admired him. He will live forever… in his legacy.

    –From one among many foxhole atheists

  2. I love the phrase: “In fact, according to credible reports…”

    Kinda lets you print anything you want without the benefit of actually sourcing your story.

    I completely understand why you people think you’re so misunderstood.

  3. “you people”?! Are you suggesting journalistic shortcuts are particular to atheists?

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