Ignore Islam, ‘ex-Muslims’ urge

Mosque  roofDominic Casciani reports for the BBC that “A group saying it represents large numbers of “ex-Muslims” is urging policy-makers to ignore the faith. Campaigner Maryam Namazie said 25 founding members were being named at the body’s Westminster launch, representing people scared to speak. The Council of ex-Muslims believes it represents the views of a majority of secular-minded Muslims in Europe….”

One response to “Ignore Islam, ‘ex-Muslims’ urge

  1. I think that it is important for ex members of any religion to group together. Very often they have been brought up from birth with a range of religious beliefs , often as part of their education, with no seperation between fact and fantasy.
    Often quite a journey of the mind and emotions is involved, as one’s humanity does not wish to lose family and friends. Frequently the “believers” simply cannot understand the journey that one is taking. Links with other people of the previous beliefs may enable bridges to be put in place, where militant atheists may not understand.

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