Atheist – Muslim wife swap

muslim_swap.jpg“Wife Swap continues with the Ahmed family, a strict Pakistani Muslim family who pray five times a day and choose to wear the hijab. The backbone of their family philosophy is based on Islamic principles and their three teenage children are well-mannered, work hard and are very respectful of their parent’s wishes. Supermum Nuzhat works full time, studies, manages all the cooking and household chores, and keeps a keen eye on what her children are doing. Deborah Escott works as an admin director for a theatre company and is the sole breadwinner in her liberal family. Husband Andy is a musician and house husband who looks after their three-year-old daughter Emily and 16-year-old Becky, Debs’s daughter from a previous relationship. Becky has recently come out as a lesbian. Will these two very different mums ever see eye to eye? How will husband Shakil react when Deborah arranges for his two teenage daughters to attend a live music gig and how does Nuzhat deal with a rebellious teenage daughter whose sexuality is a direct challenge to her religious beliefs?

Despite real differnces in opinion about gender roles, sexuality, freedoms and cleanliness  the participants demonstrated a certain willingness to accomodate each other (for example Mr Ahmed allowed Mrs Escott to drink wine in his house and was persuaded to allow his daughters to go to a rock concert), to see each other as humans worthy of respect, despite fundamental differences, and even learned from each other.

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5 responses to “Atheist – Muslim wife swap

  1. atheistperspective

    That was a fantastic show. I saw it a while ago. It really gave an interesting insight into Muslim life and views on family. I find that Muslims are all too often misunderstood in the UK. I disagree with the religion, I think, as with all religion, Islam is damaging to society but at least the program portrayed Muslims as they are, not gun toting war crazed idiots. We rarely get a glimpse of ‘normal’ Muslims, all too often we see the MCB spouting nonsense or some Imam muslim on the news inciting hate so this was a nice change.

    Saying that, I’m sounding a little too liberal here 🙂 I found their views on homosexuality disturbing and as with most Muslim women, I cringed at the way she cowered in the face of her religion.

  2. also shows the freedome in Pakistan……..

  3. nuzhat didnt learn anything in the nine days. i know this for a fact.
    she just made herself and her husband look like ridiculously strict people.
    her daughters are open minded and disagreed with a lot there mother said.

  4. I think the only smart thing the Muslim lady said was something to the effect of “why bring a child into the world if you aren’t going to put your whole effort into raising the child.” Other than that, everything she said was “Islam says this” or “Islam says that,” which isn’t precisely true, because there are many sects of Islam that have disparate hadiths in their canon. I also think that the Muslims didn’t understand the difference between what was cultural and what was religion.

  5. Well i thnk they are not muslim,if a muslim wife gets sex with other men then she is no more muslim

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