Pastor incites culture war against secular humanists

Rod ParsleyDutch website Reformatorisch Dagblad (Reformation Daily) reports that Pastor Rod Parsley – the founder of the Center for Moral Clarity“says Christians in America must be equipped to stand against secular humanist worldviews and choose to get involved in the culture war.”“If we don’t engage in this fight, in one generation we are going to look like post-Christian Europe”, Parsley warns. He cites an example. “In Austria, scientists appealed to the government of Austria to give apes human rights, since they believe we are descendants of apes”, he says.

Parsley says his new book focuses on what he calls the real “war of the worlds” as it urges Christians to action in the culture war. It deals specifically with situations like secular humanism, with Marxism, with post-modernism, with nihilism, and all of the countering worldviews that are in opposition to the solid Christian worldview”, he shares.

Parsley says liberals and secular humanists have a clear agenda to silence the Christian witness. But the biblical worldview, says the pastor, is the only worldview that offers true hope.

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