Profile of Unitarian Universalists Raleigh, USA

At a Unitarian Universalist service, congregation members pick stones from a bowl and then voice joys and concerns. Yonat Shimron writes in the News and Observer about the Unitarian Universalist Peace Fellowship in North Raleigh USA.

 What unites them isn’t belief in God, but a desire to learn about different faiths in an accepting community of like-minded liberals. At a time when books on atheism are topping the best-seller lists, groups such as Unitarian Universalists are happy to advance the discussion…“I’ve heard those arguments that religion is bad but I disagree,” says Corina Hansquine, a member of the Peace Fellowship who describes herself as a goddess worshipper. “Religion is like a kitchen knife. It’s what you do with it.” Unitarian Universalists, while often agnostic about God, are open to the idea of spirituality.

This live-and-let-live philosophy is at odds with many of today’s belief systems. Evangelicals want to make everyone a born-again Christian. Atheists say religion is dangerous and violent and chiefly responsible for the Sept. 11 terrorist plot and the battles in the Middle East.

In the moderate middle ground, few are as open-ended as the Unitarian Universalists. “


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