British Humanist Association calls for dialogue between the religious and non-religious

Happy Human logoThe British Humanist Association (BHA) has given its submission to the Commission on Integration and Cohesion. The Commission is inviting national organisations, local organisations and individuals in communities across the country to say what they think integration and cohesion means to them – and what practical steps can be taken to make our communities more cohesive and integrated places to live. The BHA’s considered response agues that where inter-community working is organised along the lines of belief, “we do not believe it is sufficient for such initiatives to be inclusive only of religious individuals or groups. In a society with large numbers of non-religious people and enormous diversity as to belief, practice and affiliation even within religious categories, any drive for greater cohesion and integration will fail if it does not reflect the reality of society…we urge the great need for dialogue between the religious and the non-religious – a need too often obscured by the orthodoxy of a ‘multi-faith’ approach.” Read full submission

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