The affirmation of belief, be it religious or non-religious, is important but not uniform

New Zealand FlagRichard Randerson, Dean of Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell, and assistant Anglican bishop of Auckland writes in the New Zealand Herald calling for respect for atheists, asserting that Humanist is a better word for those who believe in human wellbeing but do not source their commitment from a religious base.“To seek proof of the existence of God in scientific terms is a category mistake. Much of the language of the Bible is to be read in categories of poetry and image, not as a scientific textbook.”

Randerson is on the comittee tasked by New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark to create a National Diversity Statement which will affirm the rights of all New Zealanders to hold religious, philosophical or humanist world-views which are theirs by conviction, to hold them without threat or attack, and to hold them in a way that does not threaten or attack the rights of others.

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