In religious region of the US, atheists fear retribution

Stars and StripesThe Lexington Hearald Leader reports how atheists in the US’s southern states fear retribution. One man whose car had an atheist-themed bumper sticker,found anote placed under his winscreen wiper reading ‘You’re going to hell and you’re going to burn in a lake of fire.’“I think the key to this animosity is probably this idea that somehow morality and religion are deeply linked and if you lose any kind of religious doctrine, you inevitably lose some purchase upon morality,” said Sam Harris, author of Letter to a Christian Nation.

“People think unless you’ve found Jesus, you can’t love your neighbor in any significant sense,” he said. Read article here


One response to “In religious region of the US, atheists fear retribution

  1. This fear of “ANOMIE” is an issue that humanism has singularly failed to devote enough attention to.

    Too much energy has been wasted on knocking religion when it could be spent more constructively, and foremost in this is answering the question of what happens if religion diminished to the point of relative obscurity.

    Nature abhors a vacuum, and when one means of social control reduces, other, possibly even nastier things can take its place. Nationalism, Social Disorder, Fascism – history seems to give us examples of these.

    The humanist movement would do well to show the world that it has something positive to offer in place of religion.

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