Is spirituality an important part of life which atheists are neglecting at their peril?

Stars and StripesDavid Gleeson asks in the American Chronicle how atheism, “with no guarantee of eternal life and no preferred position at the right hand of God” can possibly compete with its ego-massaging and death-defying religious counterparts?

He believes the answer lies in the ability of atheism to be spiritually uplifting. Not “spiritual” in the sense of a religious spirit or soul, but rather in our innate ability to be awed or inspired.

There are signs that a properly understood spiritual atheism would appeal to a much larger percentage of Americans. Only 45% of Americans claim to attend church on a regular basis so rather than strict adherance it appears to be religion’s ability to inspire, to comfort, to reassure, and to create a sense of self and community that makes it so appealing. Read the article here or read Atheist Revolution‘s excellent blog on the article here


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