The church broad enough to include atheists

Rev. Alex Richardson The News Record reports how the Unitarian Universalist Church of Greensboro has a unique level of acceptance, uniting around such concepts as respect and a sense of community — not the things that divide them, such as belief and non belief.  The Rev. Alex Richardson (left) says that the church’s collective and individual search for truth and meaning is broad enough to include atheists.The undergirding, Richardson said of the congregation, is a sense of ethics and morality. “I think it’s critically important that people come together in groups and learn how to … care not only for themselves but for the larger world,” he said.

The point, Richardson said, is that a society too reliant on its faith is scary. “I find great power and great stupidity terrifying, “ he said. “I think good Christians are probably drawing good wisdom from what [Richard] Dawkins and [Sam] Harris have to say,” he said. “They both affirm the importance of spiritual community.”

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