Dawkins can’t admit the role of faith in noble causes

Richard DawkinsBoston Globe correspondent, Rich Barlow writes that Richard Dawkins (pictured) in his new book The God Delusion “can’t bring himself to admit the role of faith in noble causes. He notes that some leaders in the civil and women’s rights movements were religious, then airily says that others weren’t. One might equally dismiss atheism on the grounds that some leaders weren’t non-believers. Ah, says Dawkins, but atheists don’t kill those with differing beliefs, while some religious extremists do.Gee, didn’t Mao and Stalin, leading avowedly atheist regimes, butcher millions? Dawkins doesn’t mention Mao, and says Stalin’s depravity wasn’t committed in the name of atheism. That that distinction probably didn’t matter to the Gulag’s residents underscores his error: Judge the book of any belief system by the cover of its worst degenerates and none escapes damnation.” Read article


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